Sunday, November 30, 2008

mildred this one is for you. the mulberry is the fruit from the tree that produces the leaves that silkworms eat. at my grandson's school i was the only person with a tree and i had to pick FRESH leaves twice a day for the greedy grubs to munch on .thankfully they have spun their cocoons and no longer need feeding.


Mildred said...

Lynnie: Thank you for the pictures. This is so interesting to me. I look forward to seeing more.

Mildred said...

How tall does the mulberry tree grow?

Susan said...

We had silk worms one year in second grade, but fortunately, several of my students had the trees in their yards and they took turns bringing in leaves. =) Here in Phoenix, Arizona, there are *lots* of mulberries, but most of the trees are fruitless.

Julia said...

Well done Lynnie!
I knew you could do it...your off and running with it now, there'll be no stopping you!
So glad you were able to get help with the pics..
See you Tuesday,
Hugs julia